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"The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate."
Message from the principal...

Loving greetings from AKJM family. It is a Jesuit School having half a century history of molding people for others. I am proud to introduce the Institution as a family of Love and care. We formulate our curriculum holding the Jesuit perspective of education which has the experience of more than five hundred years of history. Here we give more importance to human formation in all aspects which we call over all development of a person. The individuality of a student is very much underlined in our approach. The world today needs people who can really love and serve the society and our motto is to become men and women for others. Our family consists of qualified teachers, parents, children, the old students and the Jesuits who are working in the institution.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of sincere learning towards magis – greater and greater ( A Jesuit character) for all those who become part of our family.

The teachers here are not only friends but real persons who guide the students knowing their individual qualities. The management is open to all the possible means that help the institution reaching in its goal. We believe that it we are working for the Almighty and he is guiding us in and through. A person who has got good value will be successful in life and that is what we aim at- To create men and women of good values. Our campus is eco-friendly and so are our students too. It is not the class room alone where the learning takes place but the whole campus. Come and enjoy learning to become good persons of love and service.