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I am a Kid ...

Our school will provide us activities within a structured routine whilst maintaining flexibility to meet all our individual needs. Due to our small group size and high staff to student ratios, we are able to develop close and loving relationships with teachers and peers. These relationships will be built during individual, small and large group experiences in addition to the routines of the day. We have got vast area for playing and we enjoy the life in our school. The class room is filled with all kinds of playing materials and we enjoy the class room activities. Majority of us come to school by our school bus and as we come to school we are given a warm welcome by our director and teachers.

Our daily schedule is planned in accordance with group and individual learning objectives. These will be met through a variety of daily activities that, give us an all new learning experiences. Our each day is planned, within the indoor and outdoor play environments. I am a kid and I’m proud to be a part of AKJM.