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At my home

As a high school senior I had a crap load of homework that needed to be done, mostly a lot of papers that needed to be written and turned in relatively close together, so during the time my daily schedule was some what different. When I got home from school I had about an hour to my self before any one got home, so I would take some physical exercises and have a snack. About 30 min later the drugs would kick in and I would get started on my homework. I would work at break neck speed, with full concentration until around 7. I would use that time to use the restroom and see what was being prepared for dinner. Then back to work, until about 11, and just before crashing out, I would put every thing away. Holidays were different, I did sleep in till the crack of noon and chill out and do what ever, that was my relax time, no school, no work, nothing.