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Me, a high school student

Our school is one of the first English medium schools in Kerala boasting a history of half a century. It is a lovely garden of love. The greenery in the campus makes us feel closer to nature. The big play ground and the encouragement we get to have all development compel us to come to the school every day. It is a Jesuit school and we feel a lot of freedom and affection in the campus. We are provided with a number of facilities to develop our talents. We have a very spacious library with a reading room where we can sit and do serious readings. Our media room is helping us to deepen our knowledge with clarity. The language lab enables us to learn how to speak good English with confidence. The computer lab takes us to the world of modern e-technology. The indoors stadium with a beautiful shuttle battlement court and Table tennis boards help us to play and relax which is very much encouraged by our school.

Together with our academic life we are given a good training in co-curricular and extracurricular activities like music, instrumental music, martial arts and painting. It is our motto that we have to get an overall development and we are persons for others. The vision of Jesuit education is very much democratic and student centered. The literary association that we have every Friday gives each class a chance to perform their cultural talents. The school assembly is organized by one of the classes and thus we get an opportunity to organize. Many of the programmers in the school are organized by the students so that we are trained to be good organizers. The perfect system in the school is very much playing a good role to make the school more disciplined.