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Our Activities ...

We are motivated, serious, academically oriented people who seek professional, personal, or academic development in subjects that range from the sciences to the humanities to the arts. So serious? YES we are high school students and we are always serious in our studies. Apart we all participate in cultural and literary programs, sports and games, road shows and events, and we conduct our school mela with all its velour and perfection.

Though this offering is diverse, our programs are unified by our mission: to mount innovative instructional programs unavailable elsewhere that meet AKJMS’s standard of excellence, take good advantage of its resources, and produce positive educational outcomes for our diverse student body.

Our teachers believe "Planning a self-revealing, interactive lesson for one of the first days of school can be a rewarding activity for everyone involved. Not only is it an excellent way for a teacher to get to know her students, but a fun activity can set a positive tone while helping students get to know their classmates as well".