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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you"
Our Teachers...

Great thinker of our nation Sr. Ramakrishna told "The guru is a mediator. He brings man and god together, even as a match-maker brings together the lover and the beloved. A guru is like the mighty Ganges.

Men throw all filth and refuse into the Ganges. But the holiness of that river is not diminished thereby. So is the guru above all petty insult and censure. And there are our teachers.
The excellent team of teachers of AKJMHSS is the realization of these words.


Showing the pearls of knowledge from the limitless treasure of knowledge and wisdom that they imbibe. Also very keen and ever vigilant they are to make sure that we are on the right track and never go astray. They are accompanying us like friends. Often they appear as the real guardians who love us, care us and confront us. They are so loving, so beloved and so bothered helping us sufficiently to grow as good persons. Their untiring effort make us sufficiently equipped to rise as ova in tomorrow’s sky of talent knowledge and energy explosion.