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The Jesuit Education follows the scientific approach to any project in planning, execution and evaluation. The evaluation of the project of education is examination. Examination is an excellent means to measure academic achievement and progress. With right motivation, examination can be an incentive to acquire knowledge and self improvement. Hence it ought not to generate unhealthy competition with others.

Progress Reports

AKJM has terminal examinations besides the monthly/weekly tests. The progress reports of the exams will be distributed directly to the parents at the class PTA and the general performance of the student will be discussed.

Private Tution

Private tuition is to be avoided. It weakens the self confidence of the students. Problems faced by the students in their studies can best be understood when the school, parents and students work together towards the solution. The use of guide books and periodicals of similar nature is no solution for such problems and they must be avoided. For promotion to the next higher class a student’s performance in all the exams will be taken into consideration.